There are many ways to get involved and learn about the diverse eco-regions around Houston: in person, online and through our Houston Atlas of Biodiversity. Our goal is for families and participants to interact with as many sites as possible over the course of the summer. Submit photos of your family and friends at the sites at the Great Green Quest Facebook group.

Not sure where to start? Jump in with these activities and keep us posted on Facebook, and we'll update this page with more soon.

Here are our first tips:

1) Take a picture of an alligator at Brazos Bend State Park

2) Take a picture from the top of the Sheldon Lake Tower (and any Bald Eagles that you find up there)

3) Conquer your fear of spiders and take a picture of an orb weaver.

4) Take pictures of three different colors of Wild Flowers (can you find the Evening Primrose in bloom?)

5) Take a picture with a Park Ranger or Park Staff or Volunteer

6) Learn a bird-call and share a video of it

7) Watch the bats emerge at dusk at Buffalo Bayou Waugh Street Bridge (try to catch a photo or a video!)

8) Write your name in the sand and take a picture of it

9) Take a picture of a sunrise or sunset in the wild

10) Take a hike through the Post Oak Savannah before wildflower season ends! Try Washington on the Brazos State Park.