1) Once you have made a contribution of $250 or more at our "Contribute Now" page or with our Sponsorship Form, then...

2) Complete the Quickstart Quiz below. This is super important to launch your Quest! Once you submit it we will mail your Wilderness Packet. Your personal information will not be shared with others.

3) We will send you hard copies in the Wilderness Packet once you take the Quickstart Quiz. If you want digital versions, download them below:

Quest Logbook (PDF) (Excel), Wilderness Passport, Parent Guide 

4) Learn about our local Eco-Regions and Houston Wilderness' Atlas of Biodiversity to begin learning about the wilderness in and around Houston, especially if your travel schedule will preclude from visiting sites in-person.

5) Mark your calendar for our Celebration at Saint Arnold's Brewing Company September 22nd.

6) Get outdoors, have fun and remember to record your visits in your log! Share your adventures on our Facebook and stay updated on everyone's adventures. 

Quickstart Quiz (Required for Participants)

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Have any members of your immediate family visited a wilderness area in the months of April and May this year? (for the purposes of enjoying nature, hiking, paddling, biking, fishing, hunting, camping, bird watching, nature photography, etc.)

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